(IV) Our Gains

Discuss how the project has helped to deepen your understanding/ broaden your awareness on selected subject discipline(s)
It deepened our scientific knowledge by learning how to use a microscope which is completely new to us and carry out practicals that we have never carried out and have never even heard before. It broadened our awareness by increasing our "circle of knowledge" so that we will not be stuck in our small biological lab. It also allowed us to understand more on the procedures required for staining which we did not expect that it would be used in preparing specimen slides for viewing under a microscope. It also taught us more about the dyes used for staining the specimens and know somewhat how to recognise cancer cells.

Describe how the new learning is/ can be connected to what you learnt/ are going to learn

The new learning through this project would be useful in what we may learn in Junior college, University or even corporate attachments to companies like A*Star or even to universities like NUS or NTU where our experience in writing reports from this project might aid us.

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